Since the mid-1800s, on the plains of S. Eufemia Lamezia that run from the sea and are perfectly protected by the hills, our family remains faithful to its vocation for cultivating about 60 hectares of olive groves, convinced that a good oil is the result of careful workmanship, specific skills, but above all an excellent raw material.
For us one thing has remained unchanged: the pride in what we do, the knowledge that a great oil originates from a series of passages which are fascinating and full of tradition.
We follow the transformation personallystarting from the harvest, putting all the passion and experience that we have in the stages of production. Thus we are confident of keeping the quality of our work high.

Gabriele D'Ippolito Anni '50

Gabriele D’Ippolito in the 50’s

 Anni'60 Sul trattore Angelina, Raffaele e la cugina Rosa

In the 60’s, Angelina, Raffaele and their cousin Rosa on the tractor