Although Calabria has always been an important area for oil production, it has been going through a rediscovering phase in the last years.
Thanks to the continous efforts of the oil producers and the institutions, Calabrian oil has grown in terms of quality which gave the recognized names of four designation of origins: “Bruzio”, “Lametia”, “Alto Crotonese”,”of the Locride” and “Calabrian Oil IGP”. We can state with enthusiasm to be in a revolutionary phase of the Calabrian olive oil.
The great work of all the people involved in the programmes of quality, promotion and enhancement regarding the extra virgin olive oil, are finally following the path of innovation and upgrading of enterprises, bringing our country among the first ranks of the Italian Regions which produce extra vrigin olive oil of high quality.
“Lametia”. Cosidered one of the best extra virgin olive oils of Italy and in the world, the extra virgin olive oil Lametia has obtained a  Dop recognition from the European Union in 1999. It is produced only in the districts near the Piana of Sant’Eufemia in the province of Catanzaro, including the districts of Curinga, Maida, San Pietro a Maida, Gizzeria, Filadelfia, Feroleto Antico, Pianopoli and Lamezia Terme. The oil Lametia Dop represents about the 7% of the national production of olive oil Dop, and its  organoleptic characteristics of low acidity and high content of vitamins D and E, make it among the most valuable extra virgin olive oils in Italy.